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Welcome to PBT International, your trusted partner for all your bunkering requirements worldwide. We believe purchasing bunker fuels is more than retrieving the lowest price in the market. Through our extensive knowledge of both the shipping industry and the bunker market, we believe we can supply you with the best possible service. Part of this service is our interactive price information page, which allows you to have a quick overview of the present market levels in all important bunkering hubs in the world. Through our head office located in Willemstad, Curaçao, and exclusive agency office in The Netherlands, we are available 365 days to advise you on your bunkering requirements. Please visit the contact page for phone- and email details.


More news

Bunkerprices 2019 – 2020

3 November 2020

Covid-19: PBT working from home

16 March 2020

Following the measures taken by the Dutch government to mitigate the risk for covid-19 (“corona”) infections, we have decided to close the PBT office and work from home until further notice. We can be reached via the normal telephone numbers […]

PBT adds VLSFO prices to indications list

14 October 2019

With the global 0.5% sulphur cap as per January 1st 2020 approaching rapidly, PBT has added indications for VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) to its indications list. More locations are added every day, as suppliers world wide gear up […]

About us

PBT International

PBT International is a bunker trader located in Curaçao. The Account Manager is Mrs. Dubraska Chacón.

PBT – Netherlands

PBT Netherlands is the exclusive agent for PBT International and conducts the actual trading business on their behalf. The office is managed by Director Evert Elema. The trading is done by Evert, Johan Bolhuis, Clarance Dykstra and Robin Sapulete. PBT International and PBT Netherlands together have more than 50 years of experience in both the bunker and shipping industry.

Please feel free to contact us for all your inquiries through our contact page.


We believe purchasing bunkers is more than fixing the lowest price at a certain moment. Our goal is to advise shipowners and charterers on both timing and location, by investigating the vessel’s schedule, routing, and fuel consumption. In close co-operation with our customers, we try to determine the best place, time, and quantity to be delivered to minimize fuel costs and maximize efficiency. This can be achieved by using our extensive worldwide network of top suppliers, as well as our state-of-the-art information systems, which allow us to monitor (and to some extent predict) market movements. We believe this proactive approach (short communication lines, swift response, professional team) will ultimately be of great benefit to the fuel purchaser. After all, these days fuel costs account for a major part of the daily cost of your vessels!


PBT International N.V.

  • Landhuis Ararat
  • Pres. Romulo Betancourt Blv. 2
  • Willemstad, Curacao

Petrol Bunkering & Trading Netherlands BV

  • Westerkade 1-b
  • 9718 AN Groningen
  • The Netherlands

Our team

Dubraska Chacón

Account Manager
PBT International N.V.

  • Curaçao
  • +5999 724 4000
  • Email

Evert Elema

Managing Director
PBT The Netherlands

  • Netherlands
  • +31 6 1099 8022
  • Email
  • evert_elema1

Johan Bolhuis

Bunker Trader
PBT The Netherlands

  • Netherlands
  • +31 6 1142 2579
  • Email
  • pbtjohan

Robin Sapulete

Bunker Trader
PBT The Netherlands

  • Netherlands
  • +31 6 1184 6168
  • Email
  • robin.sapulete

Clarence Dykstra

Man. Owners Desk
PBT The Netherlands

  • Netherlands
  • +31 6 4664 7050
  • Email